About us

Hello everyone !

Let me introduce myself, I'm Romane, I'm 27, I'm French and I currently live in Germany.

I am the creator of the company "La Corde de Romane", which mainly produces accessories designed to embellish your interior.

All creations are handmade products, which are entirely designed with 100% natural rope (either jute rope or cotton rope) and are made one by one, by me and my little hands, using 3 different work techniques: the sewing machine, crochet, or macramé.

As you will have understood, the key element of the Corde de Romane is therefore the rope:

But why the rope? Because in addition to being able to work with it in different ways, I find it fascinating that with a simple piece of rope, you can create endless products. Products of all shapes, sizes, colors and uses. You can create decorative objects and accessories (such as rugs, wall decoration, etc.), clothing (macrame), storage accessories (such as baskets), and other useful accessories (such as bags, key rings etc.). I therefore like this diversity of creation and this diversity of work, which will always allow me to have new ideas.